Prepaid Funeral Plans in Portadown and all areas

Do you wish to plan ahead for your funeral?

At Quinn Bros Funeral Services, our prepaid funeral plans can be tailored to meet your needs

Benefits of Golden Charter Funeral Plans

With a prepaid plan in place, your funeral ceremony can be arranged exactly as per your choice.

A member of our team will sit with you and talk you through all the options so that you choose the right type of plan.

A plan will give you complete peace of mind for you and your family. At Quinn Bros we offer Golden Charter Independent Way Plans which guarantees that the cost of the funeral director services will not increase.

Benefits of prepaid plans

– Customise every detail of the funeral

– Flexible Payments

– Complete peace of mind for you and your family

We also take care of pre-arrangement services, so you can have your wishes documented. We will ensure that the funeral is arranged according to your wishes.

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